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Four generative AI cyber risks that keep CISOs up at night — and how to combat them - SiliconANGLE

March 27, 2024
In this article, Shelly Kramer and Jo Peterson address the predominant concerns regarding generative AI cybersecurity risks that concern Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). They highlight four major risks: vulnerabilities in model training and attack surfaces, data privacy issues, corporate IP exposure, and the potential for AI to circumvent security measures through jailbreaks and backdoors. Despite these risks, many companies remain underprepared, with a strikingly low percentage having developed comprehensive generative AI policies. The article outlines cybersecurity best practices for mitigating these risks, including establishing an AI governance plan, educating employees, classifying and discovering corporate data, and integrating data governance and security tools. Additionally, it covers advancements in AI-driven security solutions from vendors like Google, Microsoft, and CrowdStrike, emphasizing the importance of trustworthy AI systems and the growing reliance on AI for cybersecurity tasks.
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