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Flexibility is Key: Findings and Recommendations from Trusted Health’s 2024 Front-Line Nurse Career Report

April 10, 2024
Trusted Health
The 2024 Front-Line Nurse Career Report by Trusted Health emphasizes the critical need for flexibility in nursing careers to address the alarming trends of nurse turnover and a declining workforce. Highlighting a significant preference among nurses for self-scheduling to foster work-life balance and mental well-being, the report also identifies a shift towards part-time work, travel opportunities, and the demand for greater control over work schedules. The study, conducted across over 500 nurses, underlines the importance of reevaluating work arrangements, such as shift lengths, and employment options to retain young nurses and combat the expected exodus of 800,000 nurses by 2027. Recommendations include the implementation of more flexible staffing models and the use of technology to facilitate better scheduling practices, aiming to make nursing a more sustainable and attractive career choice.
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