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Federal investigation into UnitedHealth urged after Change Healthcare attack

June 3, 2024
SC Magazine
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden has called on the Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate UnitedHealth Group's cybersecurity shortcomings, following a significant ransomware attack on Change Healthcare. The attack has been linked to UnitedHealth Group's hiring of Steven Martin as chief information security officer, a position he assumed without full-time cybersecurity experience. Wyden emphasized that UnitedHealth Group's CEO and board of directors should be accountable for this decision and the company's inadequate cyber defenses, as opposed to solely blaming Martin. Fastly has identified vulnerabilities in three WordPress plugins that could expose nearly 6 million sites to unauthenticated cross-site scripting (XXS) attacks, enabling threat actors to inject malicious scripts. Everbridge, a U.S. enterprise risk intelligence and crisis management software provider, confirmed a security breach of its corporate systems caused by an attack exploiting information from an earlier phishing campaign targeting its employees. A cyberattack in October 2023 affected more than 600,000 internet routers across several Midwest states by distributing malicious firmware, leading to significant disruptions for an unnamed U.S. telecommunications firm.
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