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FACT SHEET: Vice President Harris Announces OMB Policy to Advance Governance, Innovation, and Risk Management in Federal Agencies’ Use of Artificial Intelligence

March 28, 2024
Contributed by: Reid Stephan
The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued its first government-wide policy to address and mitigate the risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), aligning with President Biden's Executive Order on AI. This policy sets a foundation for federal agencies to responsibly harness AI technology while ensuring public safety, privacy, equity, and civil rights. It mandates actionable safeguards for AI applications in various sectors including health, education, and employment, emphasizing human oversight and public transparency. Additionally, the policy promotes AI innovation within the federal government, encourages the growth of the AI workforce through hiring initiatives and training programs, and strengthens AI governance by establishing Chief AI Officers and AI Governance Boards. These measures aim to position the U.S. as a leader in responsible AI innovation and utilization, reflecting a commitment to accountability, oversight, and engaging with the public and private sector to uphold best practices in AI development and deployment.
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