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Eric Bricker, MD on LinkedIn: Hospital #PriceTransparency Website TryBilly.App using Hospitals' Own Data

April 10, 2024
Eric Bricker, MD, covers the launch of 'Billy', a novel website aimed at enhancing hospital price transparency by utilizing hospitals' own publicly mandated pricing data. Developed by Leon Wisniewski and created by Cody Coonradt and Dustin McQuay, Billy facilitates comparisons of healthcare service prices across different hospitals, specifically highlighting the disparities in costs for services like echocardiograms among major insurance carriers at hospitals such as Presbyterian and Baylor in Dallas. While not all hospitals comply with the data release mandate, making some data unavailable, Billy serves as a valuable tool for a diverse group of stakeholders including employers, insurance and hospital contract negotiators, government regulators, insurance brokers, benefits consultants, and consumers, seeking to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare pricing.
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