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Epic v. Particle

April 15, 2024
In the article, Brendan Keeler delves into the complex and contentious situation surrounding Epic Systems and Particle Health's dispute in healthcare data interoperability, explicating the tension between these entities within the broader context of health information exchanges (HIEs) such as Care Everywhere, Carequality, and Commonwell. Detailing his background with Epic's Care Everywhere and his endeavors in healthcare interoperability, Keeler aims to provide an impartial overview, navigating the intricacies of the issue, including the vital roles of data exchange networks, the principles of data reciprocity and purpose of use, and the emerging concerns over data access and sharing practices. Through an exploration of recent developments, key concepts, and the potential implications for the healthcare industry, Keeler underscores the dispute's significance in highlighting the urgent need for clear, sustainable paths for data exchange to serve various stakeholders while prioritizing patient privacy and care.
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