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Embrace the Good Side of Imposter Syndrome

July 10, 2024
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
The article discusses the author's personal experience with imposter syndrome as a CISO with a non-technical background in Agriculture. It highlights the potential detrimental effects of imposter syndrome, such as anxiety and missed opportunities, while arguing that a healthy dose of it can be beneficial. The author suggests that imposter syndrome can drive individuals to grow by fostering humility, continuous learning, and resilience—qualities admired in leaders. Practical strategies to manage imposter syndrome include recognizing its prevalence, remembering one’s accomplishments, seeking advice, focusing on strengths, and setting realistic goals. Furthermore, as leaders, CISOs can support their team members, particularly women who statistically experience higher rates of imposter syndrome, to turn these feelings into assets. Lastly, the article offers a call to action for CISOs to participate in the IANS 2024 CISO Comp and Budget Survey to contribute to valuable industry benchmarks.
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