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Cyber Insurance Providers Offer Their Own MDR

March 12, 2024
MSSP Alert
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Beazley Security, the cybersecurity service arm of insurance giant Beazley, is expanding into the managed XDR (mXDR) sector, signaling potential competition for traditional technology vendors and MSSPs. This move follows the merger of Beazley's internal cyber team with Lodestone, enhancing its cybersecurity risk management offerings, which now include cybersecurity services coupled with insurance policies. Industry reactions are mixed, with some seeing this as a significant shift in the cyber insurance landscape, attributing to insurance companies' increasing involvement in cybersecurity through direct services such as vulnerability scans and endpoint security. Conversely, others deem it unlikely to disrupt the market significantly, citing limited customer understanding of such services and potential conflicts of interest. Despite skepticism, this development underlines a broader trend towards integrated cyber risk management solutions, highlighting the evolving roles of insurance companies in cybersecurity and the opportunities for MSSPs to collaborate closely with insurance providers.
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