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Creating Sources of Friction

May 7, 2024
Paul Connelly
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
In a recent article, the concept of "Constructive Conflict" in cybersecurity is explored, highlighting the importance of embracing friction within teams and processes to foster meaningful discussions on cybersecurity risks. It emphasizes the need for leadership to differentiate between negative friction, which can be detrimental, and healthy friction, which is essential for preventing groupthink and ensuring diverse perspectives are considered, especially in key decision-making processes. The article suggests methods for creating opportunities for healthy friction, such as integrating security risk discussions at strategic points within project cycles and business processes. It also outlines several considerations for successfully implementing these friction points, including timing, relevance to the bigger business picture, clarity on the implications of security risks, credibility of the discussions, problem-solving orientation, and collaboration across departments. The goal is to enhance cybersecurity measures without impeding progress, in line with the SEC's recent push for greater transparency in cyber risk management.
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