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Council Post: Healthcare Boards Must Be Accountable For Cybersecurity

June 4, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, with a 40% rise in reported breaches noted early this year, causing significant financial loss and impacting care delivery. High-profile ransomware attacks have crippled organizations like the University of Vermont Medical Center and Scripps, incurring million-dollar losses. Studies indicate that such cyber incidents jeopardize patient safety by delaying procedures and increasing mortality rates. To combat this, HDOs must strengthen their cybersecurity foundation through three main strategies: formalizing cybersecurity governance within a standing committee, establishing an integrated cyber and enterprise risk program, and measuring the effectiveness of their cybersecurity initiatives. These steps emphasize board-level accountability and require comprehensive oversight to ensure cybersecurity risks are effectively managed across all aspects of their operations.
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