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Congress must understand that there’s no patient safety without strong cybersecurity

March 20, 2024
SC Magazine
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
The ransomware attack on Change Healthcare by the group known as ALPHV or BlackCat, which allegedly demanded a $22 million ransom, has significantly disrupted healthcare delivery across the U.S., highlighting the vulnerabilities of the country's healthcare system. Despite efforts to restore services and mitigate financial impacts, many of Change Health's systems remain offline, with the outage potentially costing the company billions in lost revenue and clients. The attack not only illustrates a critical threat to healthcare cybersecurity but also emphasizes the sector's dependency on digital infrastructure and the urgent need for government support to bolster defenses and aid recovery. This incident is a stark reminder of the ongoing and evolving threat of cyberattacks on healthcare, necessitating a collective effort from industry stakeholders and legislative action to protect critical healthcare services and patient safety.
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