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CMS accelerates payments to physicians following Change attack

March 12, 2024
Beckers Hospital Review
Contributed by: Bill Russell
In response to the cyberattack on UnitedHealth Group's Change Healthcare, CMS is expanding its aid to include advance payments for physicians and outpatient care providers facing claims processing disruptions. Following significant operational challenges caused by the attack, Medicare Part B suppliers can now access payments to mitigate financial strain. This decision builds on previous efforts to accelerate payments to hospitals and create workarounds. Physicians are facing considerable financial challenges due to delays in restoring Change Healthcare's claims processing capabilities, with estimates of large health systems losing over $100 million daily. Change Healthcare expects to reestablish connectivity for its electronic payment platform and begin testing its medical claims network by mid-March. Medicare providers affected by the service disruptions can apply for advance payments, calculated based on a recent three-month average of claims and the payments will be recuperated over 90 days.
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