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CISOs Struggle for C-Suite Status Even as Expectations Skyrocket

January 29, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Survey shows CISOs increasingly handle C-suite role responsibilities, but lack same regard; 75% seek job change. Role expectations evolve due to regulatory scrutiny, accountability demands for breaches. Regulators hold CISOs accountable for transparency, fraud; expect CISOs to serve business risk-management function, yet rarely viewed as C-Level or part of senior leadership. 63% CISOs have VP/director-level positions, 20% at C-suite, less for billion-dollar revenue firms; 90% distanced two/more organizational levels from CEO. CISOs desire clear risk guidance from boards, only 36% get it. CISO role concerns escalate amid unchanged ability to meet increased expectations, high-profile legal cases.
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