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CISO MindMap 2024: What do InfoSec Professionals Really Do?

April 19, 2024
Rafeeq Rehman
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
The CISO MindMap 2024, an essential tool for security professionals, has been updated to reflect the latest developments and challenges in cybersecurity. This iteration introduces new recommendations for 2024-25, including a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI (GenAI), strategies for removing redundancies, and enhancing security team branding. It emphasizes the need for CISOs to adapt to the fast-evolving digital landscape, particularly with the adoption of cloud services and GenAI technologies, while still providing actionable guidance on securing these innovations. Additionally, the MindMap suggests rationalizing cybersecurity tools to improve return on investment and integrating security more closely with business continuity and disaster recovery efforts. The importance of soft skills for security leaders, such as negotiation and strategic decision-making, is also highlighted to foster better communication and collaboration with various stakeholders. This update serves as a comprehensive resource for security professionals navigating the complexities of their roles in a rapidly changing environment.
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