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CISA leads first tabletop exercise for AI cybersecurity

June 19, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
The federal government, led by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), conducted its first tabletop exercise focused on artificial intelligence (AI) cyber incidents. The exercise, organized under the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative, involved 50 AI experts from 15 companies, and various international cyber defense agencies. It forms part of the Biden administration's broader initiatives to address the potential risks of AI, particularly as major companies like Microsoft accelerate the release of AI-enabled products. The tabletop aimed to understand AI-related cybersecurity incidents, improve information sharing, and enhance cooperation between industry and government. This effort also contributes to the development of CISA's AI security incident collaboration playbook, set for release at the end of 2024. Various U.S. government partners, including the FBI and NSA, and international agencies from Australia, the U.K., New Zealand, and Canada participated or observed the exercise.
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