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Change Healthcare to start processing $14B claims backlog as it restores clearinghouse platforms

March 26, 2024
Fierce Healthcare
UnitedHealth Group announced plans to tackle the $14 billion claims backlog caused by a cyberattack on its subsidiary, Change Healthcare. The largest clearinghouse, Relay Exchange, is expected to resume operations by the weekend's end, signifying a pivotal step in the recovery process initiated after the February 21 cyberattack. This incident significantly disrupted reimbursements and pharmacy operations across various healthcare providers. UnitedHealth has already advanced $2.5 billion to affected parties. A phased reinstatement of services is underway, with the recent restoration of Change Healthcare's pharmacy network services and electronic payments platform. Additionally, the cyberattack prompted Senator Mark Warner to propose legislation aimed at enhancing cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. Amid these developments, several lawsuits have emerged from both patients and providers seeking redress for the financial and operational upheavals experienced due to the attack.
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