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Change Healthcare Faces Another Ransomware Threat—and It Looks Credible

April 15, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Change Healthcare, a prominent company in the health sector, has become embroiled in a complex ransomware situation that has escalated due to internal disputes among ransomware groups. Initially, the ransomware group AlphV compromised Change Healthcare's network, and after receiving a $22 million ransom, another group named RansomHub has emerged, claiming possession of 4 terabytes of the company’s sensitive data and demanding an additional ransom. Despite an initial refusal to prove the data's existence, RansomHub has since shared samples with WIRED, indicating the severity of the threat. The situation exemplifies the unpredictable and hazardous nature of engaging with ransomware criminals, illustrating that even payment does not guarantee safety from further extortion. The incident has led to significant operational disruptions for Change Healthcare and its affiliates, highlighting the broader impacts ransomware can have on healthcare services and patient care.
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