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CHAI Releases Draft Responsible Health AI Framework

June 28, 2024
HIT Consultant
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
The Coalition for Health AI (CHAI) has released a draft framework aimed at establishing responsible standards for the deployment of AI in healthcare, with a focus on public review and feedback. The framework, grounded in a consensus from a diverse group of stakeholders, includes the Assurance Standards Guide and companion Assurance Reporting Checklists. These documents provide detailed criteria for evaluating AI across its lifecycle, aligning with recognized standards such as the National Academy of Medicine's AI Code of Conduct and the White House's AI Bill of Rights. Stakeholders such as clinicians, developers, and patients are encouraged to use these tools to ensure AI solutions are effective, secure, and equitable. The Guide highlights best practices through six case studies, emphasizing transparency and independent evaluation. CHAI underscores the importance of continuous stakeholder engagement to keep the guidelines relevant and inclusive, ensuring AI in healthcare benefits all, particularly underrepresented communities.
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