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"Care about Change Management": Recommendations for New Applied Clinical Informaticists, Part 1

September 24, 2023
CMIO Dirk Stanley shared ten key recommendations for Applied Clinical Informatics: 1) Map current and future workflows to understand end-users, determine work volume and develop blueprints. 2) Learn to write effective tasks and procedures for workflow management. 3) Master document management. 4) Understand healthcare operations' structure and relationships. 5) Value hard work, precision, and details. 6) Choose clear, informative file-naming conventions. 7) Understand the 24 tools that shape clinical workflows. 8) Appreciate the entire 'Informatics tree' for workflow planning. 9) Learn the relationship between concepts, terminology, templates, documents, and workflows. 10) Be keen on change management; use a waterfall project model as the foundation. Stanley emphasizes the importance of these tips in modern healthcare's context and the role of informatics professionals.
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