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BreachForums, a key English-language cybercrime forum, seized by the FBI

May 21, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
International law enforcement agencies, coordinated by the FBI and the Department of Justice, have seized the notorious cybercrime website BreachForums for the second time in a year. The site previously re-emerged after a 2023 seizure following the arrest of its creator, Conor Fitzpatrick. The latest seizure involved assistance from agencies in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Iceland, and included the website and its affiliated Telegram channels. The UK’s National Crime Agency emphasized the importance of disrupting such criminal marketplaces as they facilitate cybercrime activities. It remains unclear if any arrests were made during this recent operation. The FBI has also launched a reporting form to gather more information related to BreachForums.
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