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As cyberthreats grow, will generative AI come to the rescue?

July 1, 2024
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
The article discusses the increasing use of generative AI in cybersecurity, highlighting its dual role in both facilitating cyberthreats and offering potential solutions. AI has expanded hackers' capabilities, enabling more sophisticated and creative attacks such as deepfakes and advanced phishing scams. Despite the lack of concrete evidence that AI-specific tools are extensively used in real-world attacks, the anecdotal and emerging cases suggest a growing trend. Conversely, cybersecurity companies are leveraging AI to enhance their defensive strategies. Organizations like Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and Cisco are integrating AI into various security measures, aiming to improve malware detection, threat assessment, and data governance. The article emphasizes the ongoing and future development of generative AI solutions to keep pace with evolving cyber threats.
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