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Application Modernization Strategy: A Roadmap to Better Outcomes

June 19, 2024
HealthTech Magazine
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
The article explores the significance of application modernization in the healthcare industry, highlighting the necessity to update and optimize digitally connected services such as electronic health records, telehealth systems, and various operational tools. It emphasizes that modernizing these applications is vital for improving care delivery and operational efficiency, as well as meeting regulatory requirements. Key drivers of this initiative include consumer demand for more streamlined data interactions, the challenges and costs associated with maintaining outdated systems, and the need for adaptable, secure applications. The modernization process generally involves four steps: assessment, migration to the cloud, updating technologies, and ongoing optimization. Unique challenges in healthcare, such as technical debt and application sprawl due to mergers and acquisitions, must also be taken into account during this process. Application rationalization helps identify redundant or inefficient applications, enabling organizations to redirect funding and resources towards more modern and efficient solutions.
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