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Apple, Tesla, and the Dying Dream of Self-Driving Cars

March 12, 2024
New York Magazine Intelligencer
In the article "The Self-Driving Car Bubble Has Popped" by John Herrman for Intelligencer, the focus is on Apple's discontinuation of its nearly decade-long endeavor to develop a self-driving car, known internally as Project Titan. Despite the recruitment of industry veterans and significant financial investment, the project was hindered by numerous challenges, including technological limitations and changing market dynamics, leading to its abrupt end. The broader context reveals a cooling enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles across the industry, marked by overoptimistic forecasts, high-profile failures, and a reevaluation of goals toward more achievable driving-assistance technologies. This shift underscores the complex realities facing the pursuit of fully autonomous vehicles, as companies grapple with both the technical and practical obstacles ahead.
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