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Apple Intelligence may be reason why OpenAI wants Microsoft to work with archrival Oracle — Azure may be feeling the pinch as iOS 18 AI-focus means far more GPUs are required

June 19, 2024
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
Oracle, Microsoft, and OpenAI are collaborating to integrate the Microsoft Azure AI platform with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in response to increased demand for AI solutions. This alliance, partly driven by the integration of Apple Intelligence in new Apple OS updates, aims to extend AI capabilities and handle the expected rise in users. Apple's advancements in on-device processing and Private Cloud Compute are set to increase traffic for ChatGPT, a service used by over 100 million users monthly. Oracle's advanced AI infrastructure, including scalable Nvidia GPU capabilities, will support the development and training of large language models and other AI applications, making it a prime choice for leaders like OpenAI.
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