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Apple alerts users in 92 nations to mercenary spyware attacks

April 11, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Apple has issued warning notifications to iPhone users across 92 countries, alerting them to potential targeting by mercenary spyware attacks. The company confirmed sending these alerts without specifying the attackers or the exact locations of the notified users. These high-confidence alerts are based on Apple's internal threat intelligence and investigations, underscoring the serious and targeted nature of these attacks, often involving sophisticated spyware like NSO Group's Pegasus. The notifications are part of Apple's ongoing effort to inform users of state-sponsored or mercenary spyware attacks, with a history of similar alerts sent globally since 2021. Apple aims to maintain user privacy and security amidst increasing concerns over state-sponsored surveillance and electoral interference, although it refrains from detailing the reasons behind the notifications to avoid aiding the attackers in evading future detection.
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