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AliveCor Isn’t Backing Down from Apple, Its ‘Bully’ - MedCity News

April 4, 2024
MedCity News
AliveCor CEO Priya Abani accuses Apple of utilizing aggressive litigation strategies to intimidate and infringe upon the intellectual property of smaller medical device companies, aiming to enhance features of the Apple Watch without proper acknowledgment or compensation. Despite Apple's denial of such claims, AliveCor, alongside backing from some medical IP lawyers, continues to challenge Apple in court over specific patents related to cardiac arrhythmia monitoring technology. The conflict underscores a broader issue within the tech industry, where larger corporations allegedly exploit their resources to overshadow smaller inventors, potentially stifling innovation and fair competition in the medical device market. Amid ongoing legal battles, AliveCor remains determined to stand up against what it sees as monopolistic behavior by Apple, seeking justice and aiming to protect future technological advancements in healthcare.
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