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AI Won’t Replace Lawyers - But It Will Change How They Work - Above the Law

March 28, 2024
Above the Law
In the article "AI Won’t Replace Lawyers -- But It Will Change How They Work" by Ken Crutchfield, the discussion focuses on the evolution of legal work in the age of AI, debunking the fear that AI will render lawyers obsolete. Highlighting historical examples like the introduction of ATMs and their impact on bank tellers, Crutchfield argues that while AI may automate certain legal tasks, it will not eliminate the need for lawyers. Instead, AI should be seen as a tool that increases productivity and efficiency in the legal field. With references to the adaptability required in past technological shifts within the legal profession, the article encourages lawyers to embrace AI to enhance their work. It acknowledges AI's growing role in our daily lives and legal practice, suggesting that the future of law will involve leveraging AI to meet increasing demands for legal services amidst a complex global landscape. The piece concludes by emphasizing the potential for AI to contribute to the growth of the legal profession rather than threaten it.
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