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AI NOW Panelists Offer Advice on Creating a Governance Committee

February 5, 2024
Contributed by: Bill Russell
Healthcare firms setting AI strategy review committee need careful planning, incorporating skeptics for comprehensive view of tech's use. HealthLeaders AI NOW panel suggests composition: 7-12 members from CFO's team, legal and compliance, medical ethicist, behavioral science, and clinicians. Advise occasional contrarian to challenge group think and promote innovative ideas. Open communication and transparency essential among team. Rapid AI growth requires vigilant monitoring to prevent misuse, potential errors, and ensure effective tech application. Good governance means evaluating vendor's AI tool effectiveness and avoiding duplicate solutions. Health systems should anticipate tech mistakes, apply guiding principles, and engage all affected parties when errors occur, for system improvement. Advocate balanced approach to adopting AI, eyeing its potential in healthcare improvement and life-saving.
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