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AI isn't useless. But is it worth it?

April 30, 2024
Molly White Newsletter
In Molly White's newsletter "AI isn't useless. But is it worth it?", she explores her complex views on artificial intelligence, likening her skepticism of AI to her criticisms of blockchain technology. White discusses the limited practicality of AI tools, which, while useful in specific scenarios such as simple coding tasks and proofreading, often fail to meet the grandiose claims of AI companies. She stresses the significant ethical, environmental, and social costs of developing these technologies. Despite finding personal utility in some applications of AI, she questions whether the broader impacts and the hype surrounding AI justify its use, especially in light of its potential to replace human labor and generate misleading information. Ultimately, White remains critical of the overhyped promises and the dangerous externalities of rapidly advancing AI technology.
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