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AI in Healthcare - Embrace the Wolf, Beware the Husky

December 14, 2023
Contributed by: Bill Russell
Human discovery and tools evolved healthcare, humanity remained constant. Pediatric ICU displays healing power; healthcare technology mainly people, process over technology. Tools of health, like penicillin, advanced care delivery. AI's introduction, despite seeming sudden, development spans decades. AI adoption in healthcare presents challenges, needs human discernment. Back-office systems and healthcare processes increasingly utilizing AI. CommonSpirit employs 60 AI-based systems. Healthcare can use AI for tasks like call automation. AI also aids employees and patients in admin tasks and appointments scheduling. AI clinical use necessitates absence of algorithmic bias. AI tools reducing documentation burden for clinicians; instrumental in identifying sepsis and stroke. Entire patient care entrusted solely to AI remains a future goal; clinicians must retain final decision power. AI sits between clinician and patient; humanity encompasses healthcare.
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