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A Portfolio of Tactics to Simplify Health Care

April 17, 2024
NEJM Catalyst
In the NEJM Catalyst event, "New Models, Measures & Money: Care Delivery Innovation," Amy Compton-Phillips, MD, discusses the urgent need to address the growing complexity in health care delivery which has led to widespread dissatisfaction among patients and providers alike. Highlighting the failure of current tactical solutions, Compton-Phillips advocates for a strategic overhaul based on Richard Rumelt’s approach, focusing on diagnosing the issue, establishing a guiding policy, and implementing coherent actions. She proposes a simplified health care model encapsulated in three key strategies—new models of care that prioritize human-centered and coordinated approaches, new measures that focus on the outcomes rather than inputs of care, and new financial models that incentivize desired outcomes. These strategies aim to make comprehensive, compassionate care both affordable and accessible to all, suggesting a significant shift towards simplification in the health care industry.
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