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A Gartner expert points to AI and hospital-at-home as the biggest emerging technologies at HIMSS24

March 18, 2024
Healthcare IT News
At HIMSS24, Veronica Walk from Gartner highlighted artificial intelligence (AI) and hospital-at-home technologies as key emerging trends in healthcare. AI, particularly generative AI, is swiftly advancing, offering potential to alleviate clinician burnout and enhance care team capacity by automating administrative tasks and potentially improving clinical decision-making. Meanwhile, hospital-at-home technologies, driven by workforce shortages and a desire to improve patient outcomes, are seeing significant growth, with virtual nursing emerging as a notable application. Walk emphasizes the importance for healthcare C-suite executives to not pursue technology for its own sake but to focus on solving organizational challenges and achieving specific outcomes. She advises the use of tools like Gartner's Hype Cycles to assess technologies' maturity and potential impact, and stresses collaboration among C-suite members to effectively implement and derive value from these emerging technologies.
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