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8 nonclinical AI applications on which physicians are especially keen, according to the AMA

March 19, 2024
AI in Healthcare
The American Medical Association (AMA), in collaboration with Manatt Health, has released a report titled "Future of Health: The Emerging Landscape of Augmented Intelligence in Health Care," which highlights eight nonclinical applications of AI (referred to as augmented intelligence) that have garnered significant interest from physicians. The applications include optimizing access to care and scheduling, streamlining the administration and revenue cycle, enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, improving patient satisfaction, promoting quality management, fostering education through feedback and training, and advancing medical research. The report emphasizes the AMA's preference for AI to augment rather than replace human decision-making in healthcare, highlighting the potential for AI tools to support physicians in various nonclinical tasks. Additionally, the need for strong data privacy measures, effective integration with current systems, and the involvement of physicians in the adoption of AI tools are key points underscored in the findings.
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