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8 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024: Gartner

March 26, 2024
MSSP Alert
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
Gartner's analysis highlights the evolution of cybersecurity practices influenced by trends such as generative AI, misinformation campaigns, and increasing liabilities for CISOs. The firm predicts a future where GenAI collapses the cybersecurity skills gap, integrated GenAI platforms reduce employee-driven incidents, and organizations struggle to incorporate unmanaged systems into zero trust strategies. It also foresees an increase in legal protections for cybersecurity leaders, skyrocketing costs to combat misinformation, and a shift in responsibility towards IAM leaders and application security being managed by non-experts. These predictions outline a roadmap for cybersecurity leaders to adapt their strategies over the next few years, emphasizing the importance of human elements in cybersecurity programs.
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