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4 Lessons We Learned From The Change Healthcare Cyberattack

April 8, 2024
MedCity News
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
Six weeks after Change Healthcare, a major claims and prescription processor under UnitedHealth Group's Optum division, was hit by a cyberattack, the fallout continues with payment delays and claims submission disruptions affecting thousands of providers nationwide. The incident highlights not only the healthcare sector's attractiveness to cybercriminals due to the valuable and comprehensive nature of healthcare data but also the challenges in maintaining cybersecurity despite significant investment. Experts argue that healthcare's susceptibility to cyberattacks stems from its complex, interconnected systems and the critical nature of its data, rather than underinvestment in cybersecurity. The attack also exposed the vulnerabilities associated with the healthcare industry’s reliance on third-party vendors and underscored the inadequate plans for post-attack recovery, with Change Healthcare's slow response exacerbating the impact on the healthcare system. The industry calls for greater transparency and collaboration between the private sector and government to enhance cyber resilience and prevent future attacks.
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