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U.S. House Bans Microsoft Copilot for 365 for Staffers

April 8, 2024
MSSP Alert
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
In response to cybersecurity concerns, the U.S. House of Representatives has prohibited Congressional staffers from utilizing Microsoft's Copilot for 365 AI chatbot, as determined by the House's Chief Administrative Officer and Office of Cybersecurity due to the risk of data leakage. This decision extends to a previous restriction on ChatGPT use, emphasizing the legislative body's cautious stance on AI tools. Industry professionals from Quorum Cyber and Varonis Systems, however, assert the security and potential of Copilot, highlighting Microsoft’s commitment to data privacy and the development of specialized solutions to ensure Copilot's secure deployment. Microsoft is actively working on enhancing security measures and has launched Copilot for Security to improve user experience with AI tools while ensuring data protection, particularly for federal agencies with stringent security needs. The company plans to introduce more government-oriented tools to address Congress’s security concerns and leverage AI technology for secure, mission-critical applications.
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