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2024 Outlook for Health Care

March 7, 2024
The "2024 Outlook for Health Care Planning for the Future of Health: Top trends for 2024" article by Tina Wheeler and Wendy Gerhardt from Deloitte LLP explores the ongoing challenges and innovations in the health care sector as it undergoes digital transformation and convergence. Amidst the digital revolution, health care executives grapple with which technologies to adopt under financial pressures, with the sector moving from fragmentation to systemic convergence. The outlook highlights the anticipated continuation of trends like mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation including generative AI, and increasing consumer empowerment, all within a framework of financial and operational pressures. Despite a general pessimism among health care executives regarding the sector's future, the piece suggests opportunities for significant innovation and reformation in response to these challenges. Key factors shaping the future include strategic mergers, digital integration, workforce management, outsourcing, and consumer affordability, with a collective emphasis on adapting to a rapidly evolving landscape for sustained success.
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