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10 of the most exciting digital health startups of 2024, according to VCs

June 27, 2024
Contributed by: Bill Russell
**Investing in Digital Health: Post-COVID VC Trends and Top Startups** In a post-COVID landscape, venture capitalists show lukewarm enthusiasm for digital health investments, with Q1 2024 deal activity in healthcare IT remaining stable at 74 deals worth $1 billion, up just 3% from the previous year. Despite this modest growth, select startups are capturing investor interest, particularly those leveraging AI to address administrative challenges in the U.S. healthcare system. TechCrunch identified ten standout companies frequently mentioned by VCs, including Abridge, which automates medical record note-taking, CodaMetrix for medical coding automation, and Cohere Health for expediting insurance approvals. Other notable startups like Grow Therapy, Equip, Maven, Memora Health, SmarterDx, Summer Health, and Transcarent cover diverse needs from mental health services to pediatric care and employer health cost management. These companies demonstrate promise through innovation, market needs, and significant funding rounds that underline their potential to transform healthcare delivery.
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