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1 in 6 dislike their job but stay for health benefits | BenefitsPRO

February 18, 2024
Contributed by: Bill Russell
BuzzRx survey reveals 1/6 employees stay in disliked jobs due to health benefits. Financial sector has highest percentage (22%) retaining unliked jobs, compared to tech sector at 14%. Future health insurance priorities including low premiums (74%), copays, deductibles (70%), broad service coverage (50%), preventive care discounts (50%), and therapy, counselling coverage (38%). Gen Z shows considerable concern regarding future health coverage, with 55% worried. Over 10% of self-employed individuals predict being uninsured by 2024. Gen Z also demonstrated 121% more desire for psychiatric medication support than millennials. Millennials displayed better understanding of insurance system complexities. Both generations show interest in digital health management tools.
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