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August 4, 2020: Four months into corporate America's working from home experiment, some cracks are emerging. Are people getting tired of it? Is it likely to affect career development? Plus exclusive insights from top executives weighing in on healthcare budget cuts. Walmart as a healthcare company, is it your competitor or ally? If you wanted to disrupt our health system, what would you do? And what can we do right now to ensure good workplace culture exists?

Key Points:

● Wall Street journal article Companies Start to Think Remote Work Isn’t So Great After All [00:03:35]

● Canon’s headquarters in Melville, NY have allowed employees to start returning voluntarily. Tune in for the result. [00:04:00]

● CompuCom hybrid future [00:04:45]

● Enlisting ambassadors to ensure good company culture [00:06:10]

● CNBC article Walmart to open six health clinics in Atlanta area by the end of 2020 [00:08:05]

● David Chou article Healthcare Providers Must Get Creative And Co-Create With Big Box Retailers [00:08:20]

● Edward Marks article Disintermediation of Hospitals Begins [00:14:15]

● Huntington hospital signs an agreement with Cedars-Sinai [00:18:05]

● Top executives insights across the pandemic crisis and financial crisis. What can we do with our remaining budgets? [00:20:40]

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