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May 12, 2020: For this special edition of Tuesday News Day Bill is joined by Drex to deliver a two-part episode! After discussing the news, our hosts switch gears and share a section of their presentation of a business-centric IT approach to the reopening health systems. For the news segment, Bill and Drex use a white paper about contact tracing as a springboard to discuss the complexities of this issue, including how it works and the tradeoffs between its efficacy and the privacy issues it raises. The discussion moves to today’s second news piece arguing that health systems should restart now to map out safe safe back-to-work strategies, and our hosts talk about playbooks on the subject already being released by Atrium and UH. Next up, we dive into a listener question about when hospital revenue might return to pre-COVID levels. It might be a year or it might be never, but you’ll hear some positives for consumers either way. Moving onto the tail end of the show, we jump over to YouTube where Drex and Bill deliver their presentation segment, giving health systems seven action points for reopening. These include suggestions to restart the economy, restore trust, recapture lost revenue, reduce cost structures, capture government dollars, take advantage of disruption, and adapt to capture new reimbursement dollars. Tune in for some great perspectives on contact tracing and what the procedure of opening back up again might look like.

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