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Nassar Nizami


Exact Sciences

Nassar Nizami is the Chief Information Officer at Exact Sciences. He comes with broad experience in systems integration resulting from recent mergers of large academic medical centers and his operational expertise in instituting successful IT governance and structure programs.

Nassar is certified in current IT and management practices and has obtained several master’s degrees in computer and management engineering. He recently completed his MBA from Columbia University.



When we think about healthcare, we never talk about wellness data. Or we never talk about patients who are healthy. And the result of data, like I'm wearing a Apple watch, I have to believe that you are doing something, I'm guessing. There is a ton of data that is being generated. This data is quantifiable and is really a good predictor of a number of health metrics, whether it's behavior, whether it's mental health, whether it's physical health. And today our health system in general is not necessarily taking into account any of it. And that's where I think the future is.
The pandemic highlighted the need for robust broadband connection. Generally speaking, you don't think of it as related to healthcare but it is. It has become a key part. Without a robust connection and without access to digital tools there will continue to be a digital divide.
One of the proud moments during the pandemic for me was, when we all went home we were not sure about productivity. But 2 to 3 months into COVID our CFO said I have not seen any loss of productivity. This is a person who was not a believer of remote working. Now he's a believer.
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