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Nancy Beale

Executive Health IT Leader

Beale and Associates LLC

Nancy Beale

As a healthcare professional for 35 years, Nancy Beale's experience spans clinical operations, vendor perspective, consulting, and IT operations.  Her work is nationally recognized and award-winning, recognized as the 2019 HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics Leader of the Year.  Her executive experience includes the leadership of an award award-winning team to achieve HIMSS 6, HIMSS 7, HIMSS Davies Award, and several innovation partnerships.  As an IT executive, she partnered with the CMIO to develop and execute health system clinical IT strategy, as well as the clinical IT strategy to support the merger and acquisition activity of the health system. Her work included leadership in forming an offshore partnership with a vendor in India for operational IT support services as well as oversight of onshore clinical helpdesk operations.  In her role as vice president, Nancy provided leadership and guidance over the clinical systems team in the clinical IT implementation of a new and fully digital hospital in Manhattan.



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