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Nadir Izrael

Co-Founder and CTO

Armis Security

Nadir Izrael has been programming since the age of 12, accumulating a wealth of experience in coding as well as leading teams of programmers. With 6 years of project development at IDF , he has displayed his expertise in designing, programming, and overseeing numerous software projects and systems. Additionally, Nadir spent 4 years at Google, initially joining as an intern and eventually assuming the role of a software engineer.

Having pursued studies in both Computer Science and Physics, Nadir possesses a profound passion for both fields. He finds particular fascination in the convergence of the two disciplines, particularly when it comes to simulating particle systems and cosmological models. His extensive coding experience extends to these domains, where he has successfully implemented various systems. Furthermore, Nadir has proficiency in machine learning algorithms, statistical models, and their practical applications in both Computer Science and Physics


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