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Aaron Miri

Chief Digital and Information Officer

Baptist Health

Aaron Miri is the Chief Digital and Information Officer for Baptist Health.

he was previously the CIO for The University of Texas at Austin comprising of the Dell Medical School, UT Health Austin clinical enterprise, research, and community impact missions.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Services Management from the University of Dallas. He is also a Certified Healthcare Chief Information Officer (CHCIO) through CHIME and a Fellow with the Health Information Management Systems Society (FHIMSS). For more than a decade in Health IT, he has served in numerous roles for commercial technology companies and prestigious hospital systems as a Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer among other leadership roles. He also serves as CHIME Faculty in teaching the CIO Bootcamp.

Aaron is a congressionally appointed member of the Health IT Advisory Committee and a previous member of the Health IT Policy Committee for the HHS Office of the National Coordinator. In addition, he has served on numerous subcommittees for both the Health IT Policy Committee and Health IT Standards committee.



Do not overlook staff burnout. Our team was burning the candle at both ends. They're incredibly proud to work at Baptist. It's one of those that you're gonna have to balance. Just don't overlook the importance of staff burnout.
I always tell my team, have fun and transmit joy. Joy of technology. Joy of what we're doing. Joy is infectious.
If you don't have a passion for healthcare it will absolutely consume you. Seeing the caregivers and clinicians literally going through horrific ice storms and everything else that we're going through here in Austin and all the things we've managed to overcome and we’re still managing to vaccinate tens of thousands of people a week. I mean, it's something else. I'm just so proud of the entire university for coming together.
2021 is all about growth. Making sure needs are met, making sure we anticipate what's coming down the pipe and making sure from an IT side that I'm putting a team, tooling, applications and systems out there that are agile and dynamic and are meeting the needs of where we're going.
Even as I look at who's signing up for the COVID-19 vaccines, I can break it into demographics, ages, races and specifics to make sure that our clinical leaders are being informed if we're inadvertently leaving out any segment of the population. We're constantly evolving and learning from the data and helping people to better understand the importance of preventative wellness and care.
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