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Mike Van Snellenberg

SVP Of Engineering

Caravan Health

Mike Van Snellenberg, is CTO and co-founder of Wellpepper, a clinically-validated and award-winning platform for digital patient treatment plans. He co-founded Wellpepper in late 2012 with Anne Weiler. Mike’s personal experiences getting care for his young daughter, and his father’s recent battle with cancer convinced him that more could be done to bridge the clinic and home experience. At Wellpepper, Mike sets the technical direction and strategy, and leads the engineering team. Prior to Wellpepper, Mike’s experiences included professional services and product development. At Microsoft, Mike lead a multi-year cross-org partnership of over 50 people to extend Bing’s search technology to Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox, yielding dramatic relevance gains. Mike also drove the telemetry, data-warehousing and analytics for Windows Server to help quantify customer usage and drive business investment decisions. He joined Microsoft in 2001 with the acquisition of with the acquisition of Canadian web content management company Ncompass Labs.



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