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Michael Meis

Information Security Leader


Michael is a transformative people leader and program architect, known for his extensive background in business-driven information security and a proven track record of immediate success.

Following his distinguished service in the United States Army, Michael transitioned into consulting for a variety of U.S. government agencies, where he guided one organization through the largest consolidation of security services in government history. Under his visionary leadership, Michael successfully consolidated 29 sub-agencies into a single department-level information security office.

Michael's exceptional expertise was further recognized when he was recruited by H&R Block to rebuild their Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program. As part of this rebuild, he formed the first fully integrated global GRC team while implementing a cutting-edge approach centered around cyber risk quantification and risk-driven governance, enabling informed decision-making and business enablement.

Currently, Michael leads The University of Kansas Health System Security team as they protect the critical systems, data, and people that provide lifesaving care.

In 2022 Michael founded Kelevra, a board advisory and consulting firm that specializes in providing expert security guidance and advice to businesses across diverse industries, helping them to develop and enhance their security strategies to drive growth and maturity. Through Kelevra, Michael continues to make a significant impact in the field of information security, assisting businesses in navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape to protect and empower their business strategy.

With his proven expertise in people leadership, digital transformation, and business-driven information security, Michael is sought-after as a consultant, speaker, and recognized as a trusted industry authority.



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