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Mark Stockwell

Director of ITS Enterprise Services


Mark Stockwell is the Director of ITS Enterprise Services for Asante.

A passion for customer driven development and building agile organizations. Experience with early stage startups to large multinational fortune 100 companies. Strengths include: Data Governance, Data Management and Engineering, Agile Methodologies, Full SDLC, Cross Func Team Leadership and Mgmt, Global Team Mgmt (Offshore/Onshore)

Servant Leadership
“Mark has the experience and ability to wear multiple hats in almost any development organization, from huge companies (like Microsoft) to small start-ups. He has an uncanny ability to understand where a company currently is in its development life-cycle and where it needs to go. He is very good with "real world" agile development, and I was constantly impressed with his ability to be flexible and roll with the hand he is dealt, while simultaneously pushing to improve the process.” Craig Nies, VP Software Development, Opera Solutions.

Value communication, collaboration and diversity
“Mark was able to orchestrate and drive a major worldwide collaboration between scientists, consultants and engineering for what became the signal-hub solution that we built for industry verticals. He is a go-to-person for projects with distributed global teams and operational complexity.” Vamsi Mohan, Senior Software Development Manager, Opera Solutions

Results Oriented
“Mark is a remarkable self starter and driver of action and results. He drove the creation of a product framework for our $300 million company by virtue of sheer determination and fostering collaboration and cohesion among diverse constituencies. Mark has a great command of technology and is unusual in his ability to understand how to translate that technology to real solutions for customers and prospects. He works well with customers of all sizes from start up to large sophisticated multinationals--all while maintaining a great sense of humor and empathy.” Margaret Coughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Globe


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