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Kevin Manemann

Chief Executive


Kevin Manemann is Chief Executive Southern California at Providence. His visionary servant leadership strengthens financial and operational performance of a multibillion-dollar integrated delivery system. Throughout his distinguished career, Kevin has championed new care delivery models, state-of-the-art technology solutions and healthcare reform. His expertise encompasses the full range of healthcare CEO and COO functions—from strategy innovation and governance to culture transformation, process improvement and executive team development.

Kevin was formerly Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of Physician Enterprise, a $6B division of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH), with 10K providers and 30K employees across eight states. In the past two years, Kevin designed an operational governance model that inspired clinical leaders to reach the top quartile in quality, patient experience, provider/staff engagement and productivity. Additionally he identified strategies that moved 30% of business into risk-bearing contracts. Kevin currently leads teams that recruit 1,200 new providers annually, and in previous roles, he formulated and executed a strategy to acquire three large physician specialty groups that contributed $600M in new gross revenue post integration.

During his 15-year tenure at PSJH, Kevin has held leadership positions in ambulatory services, operations and IT. As a Toyota Lean Black Belt, he enhanced hospital and medical group operations, improving ROI from 3x to 5x value through disciplined monthly operating reviews with hospitals and medical groups. He also created a proprietary “Own It” program focused on caregiver, patient and physician experience that enabled eight medical groups across California to realize the population health quadruple aim.

A two-time winner of St. Joseph’s prestigious “Values in Action Award,” Kevin serves as a healthcare advocate and provides critical information to advance industry reform on the state and federal levels.



Data is king when you are doing any sort of premium pay business or capitation or value based care. 5 to 10% of your population is where 80% of your spend comes from. So understanding your high-risk patients and preventing them from going to the ED is a big thing if you can get in front of it.
Can we get rid of clipboards? Why are we filling out a form? If you’re a patient you're sitting there going, how many times do I have to give you my social security number? I filled out the paperwork like 500 times now. We just need to be done with that. It’s a ridiculous process and makes our industry ancient. So the blessing from this pandemic is that it forced it out. There was no more fighting. It's just over.
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