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Steve LeBlond

Vice President of Information Services, COO/IS Division

Ochsner Health

Steve LeBlond

Steve currently holds the position of VP of Technology and Chief Technology Officer for Ochsner Health System. He joined Ochsner in2016 after 6 years with a health system in New York State. After serving in the military Steve began his technical career began in the telecommunications and networking area with AT&T in San Francisco during the boom and moved into the healthcare industry in early 2008. Steve completed his bachelor's and MBA at the State University of New York, both focusing on business and finance as my concentrations. Steve oversees all IT infrastructure for the healthcare network as well as the technical service areas.



The Covid numbers that you see on TV, they’re not just numbers, they’re real people.
My team and some others, actually stood up 50 new ICU beds in two days!
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